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FAS Pulp bleaching agent
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1).Product name:
Pulp bleaching agent FAS
2).Product Appearance
white crystal powder
3).Product character
  Pulp bleaching agent is one kind of new and excellent paper and pulp bleaching agent, it can be used in reduction bleaching and paper deink bleaching. Because of the high reducibility and excellent stability, it is quite suitable for high temperature continual bleaching. What’s more, it is very stable in air and can be used under the normal equipments and is also good for environment, without increasing the water pollution load, conforms to the requirement of environmental protection.
4).Quality indexes
  Purity: 99.0% min
  Moisture: 0.05% max
  Iron(Fe): 10ppm max
  PH value: 5-6
  *25kgs plastic bags (with two inner layers)
  *25kgs kraft paper compound plastic bags
  *50kgs fiber drums
  *500kgs, 1000kgs containing bag
  There is a excellent effect in reduction bleaching and paper deink bleaching in paper making industry.
  The color of your pulp will not easy to change into yellow under a longer time after you used the pulp bleaching agent FAS.



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